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Time Management for System Administrators download

Time Management for System Administrators by Thomas A. Limoncelli

Time Management for System Administrators

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Time Management for System Administrators Thomas A. Limoncelli ebook
Format: chm
ISBN: 0596007833, 9780596007836
Page: 240
Publisher: O'Reilly Media

For the rest of you who are already familiar with his work, Tom needs no further introduction. Limoncelli–I have reproduced it below, for those who don't want to click the link here. Thomas Limoncelli is the author of the O'Reilly book Time Management for System Administrators and his talk at the New York Linux Users Group was less technical than most but no less important. I know plenty of System and Network admins. Even if you're a time management ninja, there's almost certainly some good stuff in the book that you'll enjoy. You could try a lighter-weight system like the one in O'Reilly's Time Management for System Administrators. Editor's Note: This post first appeared on Dec 21, 2010 on Josh's prior blog. Being an effective system administrator requires an ability to do several (seemingly obvious but often rather fraught) things: To break down projects into actions that we understand as a part, as a whole, and can manage in a discrete period of Rather than embracing the frustration that may come with a sub-optimal allocation of time or resources, give your manager visuals to obtain the resources you need by showing value and maintain focus on the team's vision. He also wrote "Time Management for System Administrators," which will teach you to work much more efficiently. It is being restored and re-published here due to its popularity. I'm pretty sure the last technical book I purchased in dead tree form was Limoncelli's "Time Management for System Administrators", and that would have been at the end of 2008. 2005: Time management for system administrators — John Anderson (genehack) recently reviewed Time Management for System Administrators, an O'Reilly book on how to survive a highly interrupt-driven job. Average reading time for this post: 56 seconds. So I bought and am now reading Time Management for System Administrators (aka “The Badger”) from O'Reilly. Amazon just posted by 4 star review of Time Management for System Administrators by Thomas A. This post summarises and reviews the book "Time Management for System Administrators" (companion site: Everything Sysadmin) by Thomas A.

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